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My name is Valerie and I am the owner of Intriguing Reviews. I'm married and mama to two(11 &6). I'm also mama to three dogs. I love to blog and read. I love sharing my product and book reviews with my readers. I love anything to do with fashion, makeup, nails, kids toys, and shoes/heels, pet products/toys, fitness, and yoga.

Product Reviews:
 There is no charge for a product review. You are responsible for shipping the item(s) to me. I will review the item(s) within three(3) weeks of receiving the item. Reviews are done in the order I received them. If I can not give the item(s) at least a 3 rating, I will email the company and we can discuss options. If you opt out of the review and giveaway, the item(s) will not be returned.  

I recommend doing giveaways along with my review of the item(s). My fans love giveaways and that is there chance to try out your product. Giveaway's drive more traffic to the review, and also your company. I list my reviews and giveaways on all of my social media networks along with my blog. Your media networks gain followers/fans and in return you have direct connection
  with your consumers.  

I require an item(s) itself for review and to run the giveaway. I will collect the winner(s) information. You are responsible for shipping the item(s) to the winner(s). Please let me know of all time frames that I need to be aware of. I normally tell my winner(s) to allow 6-8 weeks for shipping, however, if you require more time please let me know so I may inform the winner(s). Item sent to be reviewed will NOT be returned!

What companies get from working with me:
I work with a variety of companies to bring them traffic to their social media sites as well as their blog/website.
100% honest and real reviews on every item I review
Personal pictures of the item(s) I'm reviewing
I include all no follow links to your website, product page, as well as social media sites.
Each review will be posted on my blog within two weeks of receiving it.
Once my post goes live, I will email the company my link.
Only 'no follow' links due to Google Guidelines/Policies.
All blog posts/reviews go on all of my social media sites and are shared numerous times.

Book Reviews:

Books Im Open To Reviewing 
~ YA 
Intriguing Reviews Book Reviews Include
~ # of pages
~ Series #(if applicable) 
~ I will always include  the synopsis from either Good Reads or Amazon along with a picture of the book. My opinion of the book and views along with a rating system for how I rated the book. All reviews will be honest.
~ Most reviews are simple and straight to the point.
Intriguing Reviews Is Able To Accept Books
~Regular mail
~Kindle Fire
Length Time of Reviews and Responding
~I will post up my reviews 24-48 hours after I finish a book
~I will answer all comments, emails, book review emails and comments within 24-48 hours but as we all know sometimes life gets in the way of that.

You Can Find Other Reviews Of My Books

You Can Reach Intriguing Reviews At   

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