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5 Star Rating
Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur
Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur
Lethal by Sandra Brown
Creature Kid The Teenage Chronicles Volume 1 by Rashad Freeman
The Dawn of Angels  by Vivienne Malynn & Sean Kade
When Destiny Knocks by Heather M. White
Crashing the Congressman's Wedding by Elley Arden
Imperfection by Phaedra Seabolt
Mirror Deep by Joss Landry
Stern Desire by Leah Shay
Inn On The Edge by Gail Bridges
Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe 
Delayed Justice  by Constance Bretes
An Italian Obsession  by Kfir Luzzatto
Craving Red by Rosalind Scarlett
For Her Protection by Amber A Bardan 
The Urban Wolf by Zerlina Valinski
Blood Promise  by Ashley Robertson 
Panic  by Ryan Ringbloom
Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush by Victoria Pinder  
Vegetarian Weight Loss #Review  by Jonathan Vine 
Hidden by Kendra Elliot
4 Star Rating
Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor
The Colors of Passion and Love  by Stan Morris
Gather Sticks Along the Way  by G. Tyler Mills
Grace: An Eternal Beloved Novel  by R. Rodriquez
Off Limits by Sawyer Bennet
Bitter Angel by Megan Hand
The Blood That Cries In The Ground  by Gregory Bellarmine

3 Star Rating

2 Star Rating

1 Star Rating 

Guest Posts
It Must be Fate  By Lacey Wolfe
Wanderlust Book Blast
 Undeniable Release Day Blitz by Tawdra Kandle
Undeniable Cover Reveal by Tawdra Kandle
Uncle Bear's Mystery Valentine Promo
Vampire Masquerade Spotlight
Conflicting Hearts Book Blast
Unquenchable by Tawdra Kandle
The Bull, The Bear, and The Baboon Blast
Club Pluto and the Wanderlust Series by Bella Ross
Rescuing Her Honor Book Blast
A Girl's Job Is Never Done
In Love and War Spotlight
Just Desserts by Tawdra Kandle
A Love Discovered by Ella Jade
Keys To Her Heart by Lacey Wolfe
The Last Dig by Constance Bretes
Executing Justice  by Imogene Nix
Seeing Stars by Ellie Potts
The Blink Of Her Eye & Obsession Spotlight
Can't Let You Go Spotlight
Let It Burn by Emily Wood
Raven's Quest 
The Overlord's Heir
The Good Sister
Summer Book Event #Blast Till You Come Back To Me and Keys To Her Heart #Spotlights 
Summer Book Event #Blast Queen of His Heart and Southern Embrace #Spotlights
#Spotlight Phantom Lover By Tamaria Soana
Minstrels Serenade #Spotlight
Sybrina #Spotlight 
#Spotlight Tessa's Temptation by Ella Jade
Stay With Me by Layna Pimentel #Spotlight 
#Spotlight Kismet by Serena Fairfax
#Spotlight A Gentleman Always Finds Out by Layna Pimentel 
Rejecting His DesireBook #2 #Spotlight
#Spotlight Dead In A Dumpster by B.L. Blair 
Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers #Spotlight
Do I Bother You At Night? #BookBlast 
#Spotlight The Weekend Proposition By Ella Jade
#Spotlight Private Internship by Kitsy Clare
The Temp Part One by Lacey Wolfe
An American Girl in Italy #Spotlight 
#Spotlight Blood LineBy John J. Davis
Shiver Anthology #Spotlight
The Temp Part 2 By Lacey Wolfe
A Summer's Enchantment #Blast
Love Songs #BookBlast
Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular Event Tour One
Shelf Life #Spotlight 
A Plague of Shadows by Travis Simmons #CoverReveal
Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular Event Tour Two
The Temp Part 3 By Lacey Wolfe #Spotlight
#Spotlight Falling Star by Laura DeLuca 
Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular Event Tour Three
Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular Event Tour Four
Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular Event Tour Five
Beachwalk Press Series Spectacular Event Tour Six
Tessa's Holiday Temptation #Spotlight
A Diva In Manhattan by Aubrie Dionne
Second Chance Holiday by Lacey Wolfe
Counting Cowboys by Lacey Wolfe
The Heartbeat Journal by Ellen Cummins
Lucky Seven Spotlight
The Reunion Trilogy
The Rags and Riches Series
The Justice Fraternity Chronicles
Bear and Bear A Like
Mistaken Identity 3
His Angel

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