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Review~Craving Red by Rosalind Scarlett

 Title: Craving Red: Paranormal Erotic Retelling of Red Riding Hood(Erotic Kingdom)
Author: Rosalind Scarlett 
# of Pages: 130(estimated)
Series: Erotic Kingdom 

The primal wolf in him craved her as he had craved nothing before. She would give up the only life she had ever known for him.

It is the night of the snow moon. Sweden, 1790. Maiden Kaia is days away from being married to the handsome Leif when her mother suddenly becomes gravely ill. Desperate to save his wife, her father sends his only daughter to the village on his horse to obtain help for her beloved mother. But Kaia will not be returning home.

Out on the path, wolves emerge from the trees, surrounding her and spooking her horse. Fainting in sheer terror, the next thing Kaia knows, she is being dragged through the snow back to their lair. Shivering cold, half naked and bound, she startles awakes to the feel of warm breath blowing out over her body.

The following day, she realises she sees no wolves around, but does see several other women there. Noticing they are all pregnant, Kaia fears her fate. Her fears are validated when one of them complacently informs her that her initiation is imminent. The moment her scent is ripe, she is to be mated by all males of the pack.

Still worse than that is the struggle she is having with herself upon being presented with so much blatant man flesh walking about, leaving Kaia flustered with the responses of her body which are swiftly summoning forth to betray her.  And then, she feels herself drawn to the strikingly gorgeous Dane, with his hair black as night, and eyes blue as the sky. He is also the baby of the pack. No matter how good he may seem, still she fights against her feelings threatening to betray her. How can she allow herself to fall for one of them?

Will Kaia ever escape this primitive place to see her family again? And if she does, will she be able to suppress the primal need she feels awakening in her? Worse yet, will she want to?

My Review:
 Disclosure: I received this book for free complimentary of the author in exchange for a review. However, I only recommend products/books that I have used/read to my readers. The thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, honest, and unbiased. They may differ from yours.

Disclosure: *** WARNING: This book contains elements of violence and explicitly sexual content, which some may find offensive or objectionable. Intended only for mature readers over the age of Eighteen!

"The primal wolf in him craved her as he had craved nothing before. She would give up the only life she had ever known for him"

There is a battle of two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, greed, jealousy, resentment, lies, inferiority, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth. Which wolf wins? The one you feed."
~Cherokee Proverb

Craving Red is a sexy new twist to Red Riding Hood. This book takes place in the eighteenth century Sweden out in the snowy woods. It is a unique twist to the normal werewolves books out there. This book has tons of vivid sex scenes and I love how the author holds nothing back. I love reading sex scenes where you know the author is not ashamed to let her inner wild side out. Kaira, a fair maiden, is kidnapped by a pack of wolves out in the snowy mountains on the way home from getting medicine for gravely ill mother. She is then held captive and will be the child-bearing human for the wolves pack. 

Enter, Dane, the sexy, handsome, and muscular werewolf who falls for Kaira the moment he lays on her. He is the lowest rank wolf and the one to get the women primed for the pack mating ritual. However, the more he spends with Kaira the more he falls in love with her. 

Does he allow his emotions to win and risk death by the pack?

He eventually comes up with a plan to help her escape, however, the downfall is that he and Kaira are facing life and death by going through with this plan.

This book has tons of vivid description and you easily see and feel everything as your reading. The characters are well written and you develop emotions for them immediately. The climax in this book is amazing and does not disappoint. The story flows nicely and all loose ends are closed and revealed by the end of the book. This book ends with you not wanting it to end and craving more. When I finished I wanted more of Kaira and Dane! This is a spectacular book and I can't wait to read the next book and continue the journey with Kaira and Dane! 

5/5!!!Highly recommend! You wont be able to put the book down!!!! 

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  1. Wow! What a great review! Thanks so much! Glad to know you enjoyed it so much :-)

    1. You are very welcome! Thanks for letting me review it!

  2. Sounds like a good quick read for the summer.

    1. It is an amazing summer read! I can't wait to read more from the author.

  3. I love books that make you develop feelings for the characters. I can't connect to the book otherwise.

  4. This books sounds like it needs to go on my summer reading list. I cannot wait to get it and share it with my book club.


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