Monday, March 12, 2012

Musing Mondays (March 12)

This weekly meme is hosted by MizB @ Should Be Reading.

This week’s musing asks…
What book do you wish you were reading right now? Where would you take it to, if you could go anywhere to read for a while?

~There are tons of books I wish I was reading right now. So ill go through my TBR pile and pick one.  I'm going to pick Welcome to Moon Hill by Anthony J. Rapino. It sounds like an awesome book that Im excited to start reading.
Welcome to Moon Hill by Anthony J. Rapino 
I would love to be reading on a beach in Puerto Rico, my hubby's home town.  Surrounded by the sounds of the ocean and seagulls. On a nice sunny day, sitting under an umbrella on a super comfy reclining chair. 

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Musing Mondays post, or share your answer in a comment here (if you don’t have a blog). Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)

♥ Valerie


  1. oh, another one for the beach! It will be getting crowded on that beach soon.
    I am heading for the High Seas. In my mind..

  2. Sounds like a nice creepy read! Can't wait to read your thoughts on it.

  3. Oh, what an interesting premise for the book. I think reading it at the beach would be better than in a garden.


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