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Review: The Dawn of Angels



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The Dawn of Angels
By Vivienne Malynn and Sean Kade

Summary: Left by her mother at a young age, Kyra has grown-up in the foster system, leaving her angry and hateful towards the world. The only person she can trust is Hammond, her case worker who has watched over her since the time her mother left. When Hammond places Kyra in a foster home located in a small town, strange things begin happening and Kyra starts unraveling the mystery of her past. When Kyra’s life is threatened, she is saved by an angel, her guardian angel, Ashur, who falls from heaven to save her. Together, Ashur and Kyra must figure out why her life is in danger and stop a strange cult from bringing about the end of days.

My Review: I was weary of this book at first cause the cover didn't grab my attention but after reading a few pages I was hooked. It speeds up real fast with action. Kyra, who is a guarded teenage, due to being abononed by her mother at a young age, has been through lots of hardships bouncing from foster homes. Its very interesting seeing the book narrated from Kyra's perspective cause she is such a strong character.

The action in this book was great! The entire book is about angels and the different rankings of the angels. You could also tell that the authors put a ton of effort and research into this book. It was awesome reading this and also gaining some knowledge. Nicely done perspective on angels.

This book is also full of mystery. Mystery surrounds the towns people and the town which makes this book full of suspense to where you dont want to put it down and you just have to keep reading to find what happens next. 

Kyra and Asher(Kyra's guardian angel) have a rocky start to their relationship but she eventually warms up to him and starts having serious feelings for him and falls for him, as he does for her. Ethan, Kyra's other guardian angel has feeling for her also but Kyra doesn't know it yet. So this makes for a love triangle between them all.

The only thing about this book is that when Kyra goes into her dreams it hard. You cant tell if she is dreaming or actually awake and its hard to follow between dream and reality. Other then that this book was fantastic and a great read! Great story and ending and I cant wait to see/read the next book!
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  1. Wow! Thank-you so much for your review of our book. We are so happy that you enjoyed it and we are grateful to you for sharing it with your friends and helping us along on our tour.

  2. This book sounds better than I first assumed it would be!
    I like how there is a bit of schooling on Angels. Thats pretty cool.
    There are so many angel themed books out there now. I tried to read a few and put em down quickly!
    This sounds pretty good though.
    TY for the gr8 review.

  3. Thanks Book and Beyond!

    Thank you Vivienne and Sean!!! So excited for your comment and that you liked my review!! :)

  4. Great review! I love the mystery surrounding the town people as well! I enjoyed this one.

    Thanks for stopping by my review!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire


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