Thursday, August 9, 2012

Booking Through Thursday (Aug. 9)

This is a weekly meme in which each week the HOST will ask a reading related question and we answer with our thoughts.
Amy and Sarah both asked about genres:
Amy asks:
Name a book you love in a genre you normally don’t care for. What made you decide to read it? Did it make you want to try more in that genre?
Bookish Sarah asks an interesting assortment of questions:
What genre do you avoid reading and why?
The Dawn of Angels  by Vivienne Malynn & Sean Kade is a YA book. I read it for a book tour and had never read any YA books before and I loved this book. So happy I got introduced in to the YA genre. Reading this book has made me try more YA books.

I avoid non-fiction and history. I just cant get into these books and they hold no interest to me.

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  1. Shame you can't get into history books - Love historical backdrops etc.

    Here's my BTT;

  2. I didn't know you weren't really a YA reader. Hmmm!

    I agree on the history portion. I guess it all has to do with whether or not it's historical nonfiction.

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    Melissa @Spews of My Views

  3. In reading everyone's responses, I realize that I have also avoided historical romance...and found myself enjoying one particular series. I accepted the books for review out of curiosityl.


  4. Sometimes it's good to go outside of the box.

  5. I avoid YA and hate paranormal stuff. Werewolves etc are NOT my cup of tea!

    Here is my BTT post!

  6. I usually like to try different genres.

  7. I agree that book tours are a good way to get into a new genre because you also get to see how other bloggers feel about the book! Thanks for stopping by, I'm following back! ;)
    Juli @ Universe in Words


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