Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy's Christmas Gift Christmas Coloring Contest

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happys christmas gift

Go to the Happy Tales Publishing website www.happytalespublishing.com , click on to the 2012 Colouring Contest’—USA/CANADA --  and download the entry form/pictures.  We offer three different pictures.  Enter one, two or all three.  Only the best one will be considered.  Colour inside the lines to make a neat bright and cheerful picture.  No help in the colouring is allowed from others. 

NOTE: Entrants should click ‘Like’ on the Happy Tales Publishing Facebook site
so that they can learn of the contest results.

Once the picture is completed make sure the entry form at the top of the picture is completed with Printed Name, mailing address, telephone number or email and correct age.    Put the picture[s] into an envelope and mark the outside and send to:

Happy’s Kids Christmas Colouring Contest
C/O HTP Services LLC, 232 Seavey Road, Pittsburgh PA 15223 USA


AGE GROUPS:   [A] 5 and under   [B] 6 and 7 years   [C] 8, 9 and 10 years

PRIZES:    There will be three prizes in each age group.  Additional prizes may be provided if the quality of the entries and number of entries warrant it.

First Prize:          One copy of ‘Happy’s Christmas Gift’ in English Hard Cover plus Happy Toy ....plus one copy of the Bilingual English/Spanish edition in Soft Cover.

                Second Prize:    One copy of ‘Happy’s Christmas Gift’ in English Hard Cover plus                                              Happy Toy

Third Prize:         One copy of ‘Happy’s Christmas Gift’ in the Soft Cover Bilingual version in English/Spanish edition plus Happy Toy.

ALSO....All contestant names will be put into a hat for a blind draw  
for two special prizes:
One copy of the New “Happy as a Fox’ Book in Hard Cover English
One copy of the New “Happy as a Fox’ Book in Soft Cover bilingual English/Spanish

All Winners will be notified on Facebook and prizes will be mailed
during the week of December 17th, 2012.

School entries:  We invite teachers in all schools to enter their students making sure each student’s name and age is correctly written, the class number, teacher supervising and their contact e mail shown in case we need to make contact..

NOTE:  All emails, addresses, telephone numbers etc. of entrants are considered Confidential within Happy Tales Publishing and will not be released to anyone without their permission.

happys christmas gift

This is the cover of our latest book about ‘Happy’ befriending a Fox family who are being hunted by the nasty Squire. ‘Happy’ finds himself in trouble again as our reluctant hero is mistaken for a Fox!  Will Happy be caught by the Squire?  Will he ever get back home again?

48 pages of life lessons and beautifully illustrated scenes

  Available in Hardcover English and a Soft Cover Bilingual version in English/Spanish with highlighted words and phrases for easy learning.

Our Christmas Special is now available.  Save up to 40% on Happy Books until 12/31/2012
Visit our website in January when we will have details on children’s Membership to “Happy’s World”.
and....Don’t forget!  For every six books sold on our website we will give a ‘Happy’ book to
a Children’s Hospital for the very sick and terminally ill children. 


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