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Confidante: The Brothel Guest Post

Title: Confidante: The Brothel
Author: Liliana Anderson
Date Published: 10/22/12

Ok, I'll admit it - My mother in law used to be a sex worker. It's something that she has confided in few people outside her immediate family until me. We are polar opposites in many ways but we get each other - as a result I have become the confidante in her life which is how this series has been born.

In 1989, Angelien was 32 when she made the decision to enter a brothel to help support herself and her two sons. She quickly became the most popular girl there with her Kathleen Turner looks and her excellent 'acting' skills.

Confidante: The Brothel is a collection of Angelien's most memorable stories of her month working in the brothel.

This is a biography about friendship, discovery and of course sex.

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Liliana Anderson
Australian author of Confidante: The Brothel - Lilliana is a wife, mother of 4 and friend to many. 
She lives a relatively quiet life in suburban Melbourne and spends most of her spare time writing the Confidante series as well as a racey drama of love and loss with the working title ‘What Might Have Been’.

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A Day In Your Writing Life
When I am working on a book, it becomes a bit of an obsession for me and I squeeze writing into every possible moment of my day. I would love to have an office to go inside and close the door so I can concentrate but I have four children who require my presence to keep them from destroying things.
As a result I tend to follow them around the house with a lap desk and write around them so I can pause to interact with them when needed. Although I find I type some funny things when I am focusing on two different worlds.
Typically my day starts with waking and getting my three oldest children ready for school. Once they are on their way my husband and I sit down and have breakfast together, after that I clear the kitchen and do some housework.
Then I take a break and check all of my social networking sites, emails, book stats and type up a blog post – sometimes it is about my writing and other times it is about news stories that caught my eye, or my current life happenings.
When that is done I write as my youngest gets to have his TV time while he sits next to me, sometimes he wants to go outside so I sit out there with my laptop and write while I watch him play.
That takes us to lunch time when we eat and then my youngest has a nap, which is when my real writing time begins – I love this time as I get to absorb myself entirely in my work and properly visualise the characters.
At 3pm we go and get my older children, and the evening routine of homework, dinner prep, baths and bedtime happens.
Most evenings I will put another hour into writing or social networking before I spend some quality time with hubby. Soon going to bed to start it all over again the next day.

 10 Things Reader’s Would Be Surprised To Know About You
1, I am NOT Angelien, there seems to be some confusion there at times!
2, I am a natural blonde.
3, I wanted to be an industrial relations advocate when I was at Uni. (fighting for employee rights)
4, I follow a Paleo lifestyle.
5, I eloped.
6, I am left handed.
7, I am just under 6ft tall
8, I used to row, representing Australia twice in my late teens.
9, I love to play the Sims 3
10, I have four children.

 Practical Advice for Beginning Biography Writing
When you decide to write a biography it is very important to make sure you are telling a story that people want to read. Every one of us has led a fairly interesting life at some point, but the question is - is that life so interesting that people want to hear about it, and then repeat it to others?
I asked that of myself before writing Confidante: The Brothel.
By the time I had started writing Angelien’s story, I had already known her for more than ten years and her stories were fairly commonplace for me by then. The best thing I did was start to tell her stories to some friends. If I was out attending a girls night, I would tell some of the stories she had given me to those I was sitting with and found that suddenly all other conversations stopped and I became the centre of attention. The next time we went out, I would be asked for more stories – the girls I know kind of became voyeurs in a life that not one of them was willing to lead, and it fascinated them.
The best advice I have is to start telling the story to others, if their eyes glaze over – it’s not a good idea; if their eyebrows shoot up and others start to merge into your conversation – then you probably have something to write about. 

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