Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giveaway Over!!! Prissy Puppy Jewelry Review & Giveaway!!

I love Etsy! Im on there searching for stuff all the time and I love how it lets people share their amazing creativity and make a profit from it. If I was creative as some of these people I would probably have my own Etsy page, lol!

I got the amazing chance to review for Prissy Puppy Jewelry and I am so happy that i did. I was amazed when I saw the necklace, it was adorable!!!!

These necklaces are hand crafted, strong and durable, and at cheap prices. You get them with or without pendants as well. I chose to get mine with a pendent. My dog is a male and even though he is a male I still love to dazzle and jazz him up. I love lots of bling but my problem is most pet stores dont have bling for male dogs. Which is unfortunate and should change. I was so beyond joy when I saw that I could have my dog jazzed up with some bling and have male colors for him. Its the best of both worlds for me at Prissy Puppy Jewelry.

These necklaces come in all sizes and can be made for cats as well. No matter how big or small your dog is they can be pampered with these necklaces.

The necklace I got for my dog Boost! My dog is a pitbull and is huge and this necklace fits on him super well with room, so its not tight on him at all. Perfect fit!

Here he is rocking his doggy necklace!!!! Isnt he adorable!!!

My dog is extremely active. Loves to run, jump, and dig. He has his necklace on from morning to night and even wearing it outside running around and having fun. This necklace still looks like it just came in the mail. There are no nicks or scratches, none of the beads have fallen off or became loose on the necklace. The clasp still works perfectly and the heart pendent still looks brand new as well. So when I say this is strong and durable, trust me it is! My dog is not easy on things so if it can last on him and still look brand new thats great quality! We also get compliments when he is wearing it while walking and at the dog park. Everyone oohhss and aahhhs over it, as they should, and always want to know where I purchased it. I will definitely be buying more dog necklaces for Boost in the future and I recommend all pet owners to hurry over to Prissy Puppy Jewelry and start shopping now! You wont be disappointed! :)

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