Friday, April 19, 2013

Literary Addicts Wednesday Meme Week 4/17

The theme of this week is -

Show us Your Book Hoard! Take a picture and show up what you have!

Join our group HERE to find out next week’s theme!

Come see others book hoarding pictures: This week’s Meme post


Here's my picture of my hoard, most of my books are on my Kindle Fire or on my cell phone with the Kindle App. It is not the tidiest or the neatest so I do apologize. Im gonna have to Spring Clean up this along with my house, lol! I have included a screen shot that only has 1-37 but my book list actually goes all the way up to 235. It wouldnt allow me to screen shot everything :(

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  1. I store mine online and on the computer. I love my kindle fire.

    1. I love my Kindle Fire as well. I have mine stored there as well and in the cloud but I could not figure out how to screen shot off the Kindle Fire so I just grabbed the ones that were stored in the Calibre app I have.

  2. Gosh, I so love the neatness of an electronic bookshelf! I also love that you always know where your books are - and can get them up and open and anytime and anywhere. I’ve been using mines more lately too and they came in handy when I was in Aruba last year!

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days

  3. Nice! I have several hundred on my kindle as well :) I love my "real" books though. I organized yesterday a lot, and plan on organizing more while doing all the read-a-Thons this month.

    I just followed you back :)

  4. I tried organizing my books on my Kindle, but it took too much time. I usually get several at one time and didn't always have time to "shelve" them, then later would forget. Now I just browse through and enjoy the surprise. LOL


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