Friday, August 2, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme~ Week of July 31

The theme of this week is -

What two characters from two different books/series would you LOVE to see hook up?

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This was a hard one as there are quite a few characters from different books that I would like to see together. However I'm gonna go with the most recent books that I have read.

I wanna see Deacon from Death Dealer and Anita from the Anita Blake Series together. Deacon is an elite Death Dealer and the best at what he does and Anita can raise and control the dead as well as killing the dead. I think they would make a great kick ass team. They are also both confident in their bodies, lives, and skills. They both have a sarcasm side to them as well as their sweet side. I think these 2 would make a fantastic duo!

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