Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review~ Pond's Luminous BB+ Cream

I received Pond's BB+ Cream complimentary of @Influenster for testing purposes.

I have been using Pond's BB+ Cream for a few weeks now and I am IN LOVE! I will never again  go back to wearing(buying) individual concealer and foundation.
I don't take long to do my makeup, I'm done with everything in about 15 minutes. With this Pond's BB+ Cream I am now done with doing my makeup in 10 minutes. This cream has cut down 5 minutes
of my time which is awesome when your always busy and on the run. I have two kids and one being a active 3 year old. Less time is a plus for me.

Pond's BB+ Cream conceals all the imperfections making my skin look flawless. It has also faded the dark spots on my face. I have freckles under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose,
normally I have to have concealer, foundation, and powder to cover them. However with Pond's BB Cream they are covered in one application. This stuff really WORKS!
It has a SPF 15 also so that your skin is protected while wearing it. It goes on smoothly and evenly, no greasy feeling, and it has a fresh matte finish
that makes your skin really soft to the touch. Its also lightweight so that you dont have that feeling on your face that you get with some other foundations.
Also I have problems with other foundations making my face oily and shiny soon after applied, Pond's BB cream does NOT do that!!! No shine or oil at all!
I love using this having a concealer, dark spot eraser, and foundation all in one. Where has this product been all my life!

Me wearing the Pond's BB + Cream...only thing added was the eye makeup! 

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