Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review~ ShaveMOB Razors

I received this razor kit in exchange for my 100% honest review.

Let me just start by saying I do not like to be in the shower long and with every thing on my plate in a day don't have time for it. I have tried other name brand expensive razors that claimed they were great, however, they were a huge fail. The saying "you get what you pay for" is not always true cause with these expensive razors I did not get great quality!!! I ended up wasting money on a garbage product! 

However with ShaveMOB you get truly AMAZING quality for a great price! They have 3 kits to choose from: The Practical, The Purist, and The Perfectionist. 

Plus, lets not forget about the men cause they do carry kits for men as well. The men get 3 kits as well: The Baby Face, The Average Joe, and The Caveman. The men razors come with the same wonderful quality as the women's razors have. 

I received  The Perfectionist. This razor was truly amazing and cut my time in the shower when I shave down dramatically. All I had to do was go over the area I was shaving ONCE and my legs were baby smooth! With other razors I had to go over multiple times to get that effect. The Flex Head is an awesome tool that glides over all curves of the body to get every inch of hair. The Flex Head also lubricates and massages as you are shaving. It feels wonderful!

Most razors especially in the cold weather leave my skin with red bumps but with this razor I do not get any red bumps on my legs or any break outs from it. 

The razor blades have 6 stainless steel blades.It has  precision-cut blades. Comes with an optional Flexible head for a perfect-smooth around curves. I highly recommend the Flex Head cause it is the GREATEST! Lubricating strip containing vitamin E, aloe, lavender oil. Does not break you out like some other lubricating strips on other razors do. This razor is non-clogging and rinses thoroughly and clean. They have a Flow-through blade design. Pivot head with ergonomic handle angle, non-slip handle. This handle feels wonderful. Its not to big and not to small. It never slipped or dropped from my hand at all. It has a great feel to the handle. The best handle I have ever felt on a razor. They also have replaceable cartridge razor. 

The packaging also comes in a recyclable friendly package. Great razors saving the earth. Its always wonderful when companies help the earth and the environment. 

This is an amazing razor kit that get 5/5 from me!!!! I have found my razors and am not going any where else besides ShaveMOB! Great price and Great quantity. #ShaveSmarter with ShaveMOB!!!!!!

Check out some pictures:


ShaveMOB is giving one lucky winner The prize kit will be 
composed of a mens or womens handle + a 2-month supply of the 6-blade.

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  1. They look real similar to the brand I use now and I spend a fortune on them!

  2. This is pretty awesome!!! I've never used anything like this c

  3. I am in need of this. It seems like I go through so much a month its rediculous


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