Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ShaveMOB's Pink Razors for Pink Ribbons

Hello To My Readers,

As you know it is October and October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This month offers us the opportunity to reflect on the women struggling with breast cancer and those that have passed from breast cancer. It is also a time for us to make a difference and help find a cure. I have special family members that have fought this battle and I have special family members that have lost the battle to breast cancer. This is something that I feel very strongly about. I also hope that you will help in the efforts to find a cure and support a great program! 

This October, ShaveMOB is taking a step to find the cure and making an impact by donating twenty-five cents($0.25) of every women's razor sale to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance through  their "Pink Razors for Pink Ribbons" donation effort. Since 2000, Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance has provided over $3 million in financial assistance to more than 5,000 cancer survivors and patients. How AWESOME is that!!!! Major Kudos to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance!!!!!!!! 

I hope that everyone will participate and purchase the women's razor's. Not only is this a great cause since it is donating money to help find a cure for a disease that affects all of us women but these razors ROCK!!! I had the opportunity to review one of these razors and I am so happy to have had the opportunity. Be on the look out for my review soon!

Here is a link to the press coverage that ShaveMOB has gotten: Here

Check out their website explaining more about this awesome cause and the razors: Here

I really hope you will join ShaveMOB in this wonderful donation program!!!!

Check out some pictures:

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  1. Love this! Great thing to support.

    1. Totally agree and thank you for stopping by!

  2. Every woman uses razors...why not support a cause at the same time? Awesome!

  3. Everyone woman uses razors, so why not support a cause at the same time? Awesome!


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