Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top 5 Fave Movies

Here are my top 5 Fave Movies:

1. Thor

Who can resist this sexy man!!!! Can't wait for Thor 2 to come November 8th!!!!

2. The Avengers

Anxiously waiting the second movie to come out also!!!!

3. Transformers collection

Ive seen all 3 and also anxiously waiting for #4.

4. The Fast and The Furious collection

Seen all and waiting for #7

5. The Notebook

An oldie but always so great! This movie will always be in my top faves category.

Leave me a post listed your top 5 fave movies! I always love seeing new movies!

 ♥Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions♥
 ♥I enjoy hearing feedback from my fellow bloggers & readers!♥

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