Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review~ The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great is the fourth book in the successful Mommy MD Guides book series. Their new book features more than 700 tips that 50 doctors who are also mothers use to slim down, shape up, fight fatigue, boost mood, look great, and live better! Their books and tips are not only from doctors but doctors that have their own children. Most advice you get from these types of books the doctors may or may not have children so I really like that this book is written straight from mothers who are doctors. They know what we go through as mommies.

This book is written by both Rallie McAllister and Jennifer Bright Reich. Both mothers who know what we ladies go through and the expert advice from a doctor. This book is packed full with tons of chapters for us woman and mommies. In the Part 1:first chapter "Losing Weight" their are awesome tips and tricks. Lots of pages to track your weight and what you eat. Great diagrams that break everything down. Plus amazing recipes that you can make to replace other meals for slimming down.

The Part 1: Third chapter "Maintain Weight" is my fave chapter. I am already at the weight that I need to be so I just exercise to help maintain that weight and to stay in shape. This chapter has lots of tricks and tips to maintain your weight and continue to Shape up. Plus gives you 3 great snacks on the go that will help with maintain your weight.

Part 2: Chapter 4 "Boosting Your Energy" is another of my fave. What woman and mom does not need or want more energy. I know as a mother of 2 girls I am always needing more energy and this chapter is great for getting all the advice and tips you need to Boost up your Energy. This chapter has a quick quiz to assessing your energy level. Great advice on making time for yourself. Great tips on eating and drinking for energy. Their are wonderful recipes for feeling great and my fave is the Energy-Boosting Smoothie.

Another good Chapter is Boosting Your Mood. Assessing your mood and then ways to fix it. I loved the tips and tricks in this chapter. We all know us mommies need a Mood Booster every now and then. As we get older we all go through self-esteem issues and worry about looking our best. The two chapters that cover this are really awesome! After reading them, I was feeling much better about myself.

This is a wonderful book. I give it a 5/5 and I recommend it to all mommies and woman out there. You can purchase these books at many locations including:

This book and all the others can be found for download on the Kindle, Nook, or iPhone/iPad.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for posting this review of our book, The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your terrific blog and for helping us get the word out about our work! Jennifer at

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for letting me be a part of this opp!


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