Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review~ Ellóre Femme 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set and Travel Case

This is an amazing 24 piece professional makeup brush set that comes with a cute travel case. This Brush set provides specific tools that cover a wide range of areas. From eyes to lips and everything in between this brush set got you covered.

I love the travel case that comes with this brush set. It's a fold up case that makes transportation a breeze. It also not only folds but rolls up. This fits in all in all my purses and bags. Plus its easy to put safely away while at home and not in use. It keeps all the brushes clean and organized.

The brushes are incredible. The handle is nice and smooth. They also fit comfortably in my hand. The bristles are made from soft natural animal hair and synthetic fibers. These brushes hold the makeup securely and in place. While applying makeup there is no residue that fly's off the brush.The makeup applies evenly and beautifully. The makeup stays in place where you put it while using the brushes. The brushes feel incredibly soft against your skin. I'm so happy that I got to to try Ellóre Femme Brush Set. I highly recommend my readers to look into getting this Makeup Brush Set From Ellóre Femme. This product gets a 5/5 from me!!!

Here are some pictures of my makeup that was applied using the Ellóre Femme 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set:

 No filters were applied to any of these pictures.

You can check out Ellóre Femme on their following site:

Disclaimer:  I'm a member of US Family Guide. I recently was given the opportunity to review the Ellóre Femme 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case  for free in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased opinion on their product.

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  1. Those brushes look amazing. I love your make up as well. I'll look into those brushes soon. I'm just starting to wear make up.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!
    I'd love to try those brushes.

  3. looks like a complete set; also love your look:* Emma


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