Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme-Week of February 12

 Guess what time it is?! YEP, Literary Addicts Weekly Meme Time!!!!

This week's question:

The theme of this week is -

Have you always loved to read? If not, how did you get into reading?

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Yes I have always loved reading. I started reading at a super young age. Then continued my reading all through the years of growing up and straight into adulthood. I just love the joy and release that reading brings you. It also alleviates stress for me. Its one of my get-a-ways from reality and the real world.  I now have my oldest daughter who is 8 years old that is an avid reader and my 3 year old is showing interest in books and reading as well. SQUEEE!!!


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  1. I love you are passing it on to your children!

  2. Reading is relaxing for me as well.

  3. I love to read, always have. I hope my son loves it as much as I do. I do miss reading books without so many pictures.

  4. I enjoyed reading as a kid. Somewhere in 5th grade reading became about recognition more than the stories. I read so many books, that I started to read just because, not because I was interested. Picture a 7th grader reading Anna Karenina. So by high school I lost interest. I read zero of the required readings for english. (I still passed) I didn't get back into books until adulthood. They were great for lunch breaks, and I truly get absorbed into a story.


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