Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review~Uncle Bear's Mystery Valentine

UncleBearbannerupdatecreatespace_v_bearWhat’s a bear to do when he has no money, but wants to give a gift to thank his secret admirer?
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Author Bio:

Clarice Williams whose pen name is C. JoVan Williams, was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but now resides in New Jersey as an Air Force spouse, with a blended family of six. She credits her writing inspirations from her experiences as a military spouse, mother, college graduate, Government worker, silly daughter, and an overbearing older sister to many. She also writes for Military Spouse Magazine. Her books are available on Amazon.   What people are saying: It is an endearing story of three friends and their plan to find out the secret Valentine. The story is narrated in pictures like comic strips. The illustrations are colorful and lively. It gives a personality to all the characters in the story and breathes life into the scenes. It is a good bedtime story for children. The scenes are descriptive, helping children visualize the scenes with clarity. The book also tells children about friendship and how friends help each other whenever necessary. - Reader's Favorite
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 My review: 
This is a wonderful children's book! My girls(ages 8 &3) loved this book. They had me reading it to them often and I put it on my kiddos tablets so they could read on their own, Which they did. This book has a very good message of friendship and how friends should help each other out no matter the situation when needed. Great moral story line to this book for kiddos. I even as an adult loved the message of this book and loved reading it. The pictures and book are done in a comic style, which is a very cute way to do a children's book.  The pictures are very vibrant and full of color. Great for children to see it acted out as reading it. Great descriptions throughout the book to really help my kiddos imagine the scenarios and whats happening. All characters have personality and life to them making them so real to my kiddos and myself.

This book included a cute recipe that the kiddos and I are very excited to try out when we get the time.
It also came with coloring pages that my children loved coloring and playing with. 

I will definitely be looking into more books from this author and recommend this book to everyone, even adults! 

5/5 from my kiddos and I!

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  1. Thanks for being a part of the blog tour! I'm glad you liked the book. Let me know how the recipe turned out for you :D


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