Thursday, March 6, 2014

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme Week of 3/5

The theme of this week is -

Do you read more then one book at a time? If yes, how many at a time will you read? How do you keep track of them if reviewing them?

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I have read more then one book at a time. I try not to and I try to schedule to where I have time to read the books separately before the reviews. However sometimes there are so many good books that I double book reviews. The most I have read at a time was 3 books. I try not to do more then 3 cause with kiddos, work, and real life doing more then 3 at a time would be hard for me to meet all deadlines. When I do read more then one I have a tool on my Kindle app and my tablet to where I can write notes and highlight certain areas throughout the book. Then when I'm doing my review I just go back over my highlighted areas and notes and it all comes back to me to where I can freely write up the review easily.

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♥I enjoy hearing feedback from my fellow bloggers & readers!♥


  1. I like your tip about using some of Kindle's features to help in preparing a review. Great idea!

  2. This was a great topic this week. I'm enjoying reading the answers.


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