Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Okabashi Flip Flop Review

Disclosure: I received the product for testing purposes complimentary Okabashi  and in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

Okabashi Logo

Okabashi is a family owned business focusing on designing extremely comfortable shoes fro more than 29 years. Okabashi carries a wide variety of flip flops for women and men, sandals, and more. Okabashi is proudly made in the United States and shipped worldwide from there. 

Okabashi shoes are 100% recyclable, anti-microbial, odor-resistant, and dishwasher safe. Yes you read that correctly, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher!!! How sweet is that! They are designed with superior foot support and a massaging insole. You get your feet massaged as you walk around! Now that's my kind of shoe!!! These shoes also provide anti-slip which is another amazing plus for them! These flip flops along with the other shoes come with a 2 year guarantee. Not only are these shoes awesome for you but they are Earth friendly as well. Plus starting at $14.99 they are budget and wallet friendly. Okabashi has also designed shoes for people with arthritis and diabetes. Therefore, you have health friendly shoes as well as being fashionable. 

I received the Indigo Marina Flip Flop in Zebra Print. Yes, I am obsessed with Zebra print for those that don't know me.The shipping was super fast as well and the packaging was great and nice! I am super active and am running around a lot in the nice weather with my kiddos and my dog. These flip flops are durable and keep up with my busy lifestyle. I wore them to the dog park for 2 hours with my dog, running around and getting exercise for myself and him. These shoes did not fall apart like other flip flops have. When I came home, I washed them and they were back to brand new. A HUGE plus to being safe for a dishwasher!!!! I wear them while working as well. I'm on my feet constantly at work and use lots of leg and back muscles. While wearing these flip flops I don't have no back or feet pain due to the alignment and arch support they have. A toe rest is on these shoes that help prevent your feet from sliding forward and it also feels massaging on your toes. They have superior arch support and a heel cup. Massaging beads are placed across the foot-bed that massage while wearing and walking. They also help promote better circulation. Okabashi shoes are also endorsed by the ACA(American Chiropractic Association). I absolutely LOVE LOVE these flip flops and will be purchasing more from Okabashi. I recommend everyone in trying out and purchasing a pair. These flip flops and Okabashi get a 5/5 from me!!!

The arch support
The Heel Cup
The Toe Rest 
The Massaging Beads

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  1. I love this company. I have a pair of sandals from them. Now just have to wait for warm weather to wear them.

    1. Me too! I have to wait also. It was so nice and then got all cold and yucky again! Cant wait for it to warm back up so I can wear them again!

  2. Great review! Very detailed!

  3. I've heard of these. I'm SUPER picky about what sandals I wear. I don't really go for fashion as much as I do for comfortable and durability!

  4. These look great! And comfortable!!! I am always on the look out for a nice pair of flip flops.

  5. WOW, I would have loved to review something like this on my blog! But for now, I will oggle and maybe beg the husband to buy me a pair!

  6. i wouldn't mind getting a pair of these..... :D

  7. These look awesome. I'm recenlty become a flip flop kind of girl but being on my feet all the time means I need comfy ones not just pretty ones. These look like both.

  8. A great cause to buy with. i am huge fan on product that is recyclable. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Those look so comfy. I love a good pair of flip flops


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