Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mary Kay VoxBox Review

Disclosure:  I received one or more of the products mentioned below for free in hopes of reviewing the product on my blog. I only recommend products that I personally use and will be good for my readers. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. They may differ from your thoughts and opinions. 

Disclosure: I received these products for testing purposes complimentary of Influenster. 


I have heard of Mary Kay Products and even looked through a catalog a few times. However, I never have actually tried or worn their products before. So I was extremely excited to receive this voxbox from Influenster and try out all the Mary Kay products that are in it. It is a super cute box design also!

This is every makeup lovers dream box to receive. What girl doesn't love makeup!

I received the following in my box:
-Mary Kay Bronzing Powder
-Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder
-Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Powder
-Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist
-Mary Kay Eye Color/Concealer Brush
-Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara
-Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Brush Applicator in Jet Black
-Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss in Mango Tango
-Mary Kay Blush/Bronzer/Powder Brush

Mary Kay Bronzing Powder:
I received this in Light/Medium. You can use this for contouring or an all over glow. This bronzing powder helps control shine and doesn't settle into crease lines, fine lines, or pores. This powder applies easily and smoothly. It also does not dry out the skin or give it that dried out look. I am a bronzer lover and always have it in my makeup bag and use it everyday. I love having that sun kissed look and I am very satisfied with Mary Kay's Bronzer.

Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder:
This powder is perfect for any skin tone because its translucent. It sets your foundation for a smooth, shear, invisible finish. You can wear over your foundation for that perfect shear flawless look or by itself to show off your natural radiant beauty. This powder helps soften the appearance of imperfections. It helps hide red marks, scars, and blemishes very easily and nicely. Its long lasting and helps control shine and oil without giving you that chalky look. This powder is weightless and feels super soft on the skin. 

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color:
I received this Mineral Cheek Color in Shy Blush. Its a perfect great color. It gives you just the right amount of blush without overwhelming your cheek area. Its great for a natural every day look. This cheek color gives excellent coverage and goes on smoothly. It contains oil absorbing properties which is awesome. My skin especially in the summer tends to get oily by the middle/end of the day. With these products that I have listed so far having oil absorbing features in them is just a huge positive for me. This blush contains Vitamin E, C, and A and it helps fight against wrinkles caused by free radicals. 

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color:
I received this color in Apricot Twist. This color is like a peachy gold color. It goes perfect with other eye colors due to its neutral color. It also looks perfect by itself for that neutral natural look. This eyeshadow also has a shimmer to it which is awesome. I love glittery and shimmery eye colors. It just helps add that extra pop. Plus what girl doesn't like shimmer and glitter! This eye color works really well with Eye Shadow primer and without it. It goes on smoothly and does not clump like some cream shadows can. Its long wearing and last me all day without having to reapply or touch up. It dries quickly and when using other eye colors does not transfer to the other colors. This eye color could also be used as a primer under other eye colors. It has a light weight feel and does not make your eye lid very heavy. This shadow is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and eyes. 

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara:
I received this mascara in I♥Black. This mascara delivers four times the volume while looking natural and flawless. It does not clump. The brush has a nice design that allows the mascara to go on in a smooth and easy way. This mascara not only gives you volume and plump to your eyelashes but it also helps prevent against eye lash breakage and helps condition your lashes. Your getting two great products in one mascara! This mascara dries fast. Its also flake and smudge proof which is amazing for me. While doing my makeup, I'm normally rushing to get out the door or having my two children asking me questions and needing me to do stuff while getting ready. Other mascara's could not keep and would smudge instantly. I love this one though cause it dries super fast and can keep up. Its also a water resistant formula.

Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Brush Applicator:
I received this gel eyeliner in Jet Black. I'm a fan of both the crayon/pencil eye liner as well as the gel eyeliner. Other gel eyeliners I have used started to get clay like after a few uses especially in the center. This gel eyeliner from Mary Kay does not do that. You do not need that much on your brush either when applying this. You can make beautiful lines for a day time look and then go bold and dramatic for a night out on the town. Its long wearing and smudge proof. I suffer from allergies especially this time of year in the Spring/Summer and my eyes will bother me and cause me to rub them. My eye liner stay on and in place even after me rubbing my eyes(when I forget I'm wearing it, lol). Its light weight and goes on smoothly.

Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss:
I received this color in Mango Tango. I absolutely love this color. Its like a orange-red color. It goes on great without being too overwhelming on the lips. It has wonderful ingredients in it that help nourish and condition your lips while looking beautiful. It has rich color. It pretty long lasting. Like most lip glosses, you have to reapply after eating and after a few hours. The brush shape and size is awesome and allows me to apply the gloss in one application and covers really well in one application. This gloss has shimmer to it which again I love. The actual lip gloss bottle is nice and a convenient shape to store away in any area including your pocket. 

The Eye/Concealer Brush is an awesome brush for applying your shadow or concealer. Its great for beginners and for experts. It gives precise coverage. The brush is easy to clean. It is also tapered to give excellent precision coverage and finish.

The Brush/Bronzer Brush is customized to perfect to give you great all over coverage while applying your brush and bronzer. It domed shape for sweeping color and coverage. It is comfortable to hold while applying cheek color or bronzer. It contains high quality bristles.

 Pictures of the finished look:

 My little one even modeled the Lip Gloss:

 Check out Mary Kay on their following sites:

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  1. you both look SO beautiful... :D

    1. Thank you and Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've never heard of voxbox but thanks for letting me know!

    1. Your welcome! Its through Influenster. You should definitely check it out. This is my 4th voxbox and I have loved them all!

  3. I love Mary Kay! Their makeup is amazing and I don't why I haven't been using it more lately other than I just got out of the habit while in college. Your little model is also the cutest I've seen.

    1. My new fave is now Mary Kay! I will be ordering more makeup through them! Its a great price and a great quality makeup! Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by!


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