Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sirens-Color Me Monthly May Polish Review

 Disclosure: I am a member of Color Me This nail polish was purchased by me. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own honest and unbiased thoughts and opinions. They may differ from yours. 

Welcome back to my second review for Color Me Monthly. If this is your first time hearing about Color Me Monthly then take a look at this post  here for all the information and links on Color Me Monthly. 

These two pictures are Sirens with some added glitter on the middle finger and the pinky finger. 
The card that comes with every color that you receive.

Color Me Monthly May Polish is Sirens! I absolutely adore this color as well as the name of the polish. I think the name and the color of the polish fit very nicely together. I took Mythology in high school and have always been fascinated by mythological creatures and folklore. I love that Sirens is named and designed after a mythological creature. Sirens, in Greek mythology, were beautiful but deadly creatures that were half-women and half-bird that lured sailors to their deaths by bewitching them with songs. In modern mythology, they are referred to as mermaids. 

When I see this polish color I immediately think of the ocean, beach, sand, and mermaids. This is an amazing summer color to rock either out with the girls or at a beach get-a-way. Siren's is a cool twist to the original pastel color by sprucing it up with the great shimmer that it contains. It gives a flirty look to the pastel color. 

This was another amazing polish that went on smoothly and streak free. You could see the color pop with just one coat(although I still always use two coats). This polish also dries super fast, which I love cause as a mom of two and always on the move I don't have time for polish that takes forever to dry. This color would go great with other fun summer colors and would be an amazing background for nail art designs.

I'm super happy with this months color and since I cant go to the beach this summer, I will live it through this polish, lol :)

Some more pictures of Sirens and some fun nail art:

 The gold color that I have accenting Sirens is from the Rio Collection from Square Hues. That review to come soon so stay tuned but here in these pictures you get a special sneak peek :)

What are your favorite summer colors? What do you think of when seeing the color Sirens?

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  1. I pinned this to my Pinterest because I love that color! It looks great with the gold too.

  2. I love the polka dots that you did! Great spring colors.

  3. I had never heard of CMM but you can bet I'm going to look at it now! My teenage daughter and I are polish addicts!

  4. looks cute - now i gotta grow some nails :D

  5. I love that blue color - so summer-y!


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