Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Craft Day-Construction Paper Wind Chimes

 Intriguing Reviews is super happy to be adding to the blog and bringing you Sunday Craft Days. My kiddos and I really enjoyed this craft. They already are planning up the millions more they are going to make :) 

Our craft this week was Construction Paper Wind Chimes! They are too adorable and we had loads of fun. 

This is a super easy project and we got all of our supplies at our local Dollar Tree! That store is amazing and I am in love with it! LOL!

-construction paper
-paint brushes
-hot glue gun
-yarn or string
-hole puncher

 First, we printed out a stencil for us to trace on to the first piece of construction paper. After tracing we then had fun painting it. 

My oldest, Selena, is a huge Monster High fan so she chose to draw and paint the Monster High skull logo. My youngest, Kamila, is a Hello Kitty fan and chose that for her design. I am a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and chose the logo for my wind chime. After painting sit them up to dry before finishing.

While the paintings were drying we started on the streamers part of the wind chime. We grouped all the colors we wanted and cut them into three strips. Adult supervision is needed for this part.
We then folded each strip using the forward and reverse folding method.
When they are completely folded lightly unfold the paper. 
Now that the streamers are done and ready, we checked our paintings, which were dry.
We then took the painted construction paper and made a cylinder shape and hot glued it together. Adult Supervision for this part. So that it looks like this. 

Then we punched holes at the top.

 Now we attach the streamers by using the hot glue gun and gluing them to the inside of the first part of the wind chime that you made. Adult supervision needed.

 Then you take your yarn or string and tie it all together using the holes that you punched. 

 This is the finished product.

Unfortunately, due to the rain we have been getting we were unable to hang them up outside yet to take a picture of them in action. 

This is a super cute and fun project that can be changed up to your liking.

Would your kiddos have a blast making these? What designs and drawings would they do?

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  1. This is a super cute craft!!! I will save this idea for the kids at camp to do.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It was super cute. We had them outside yesterday since it was nice and dry and they looked awesome hanging and being in the breeze.


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