Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY On The Go First Aid Kit

Disclosure: Every thing in this post except for the Neosporin Neo to Go was purchased by me. The Neosporin Neo to Go was received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own unbiased and honest opinions and thoughts. They may differ from yours. 

 My Family is very active and on the go. I also have two young children(ages 9 and 3), so having a first aid kit on me is a must. It also needs to be small to fit in my bag but able to hold everything. I have created my own DIY Travel First Aid Kit. Every thing in this DIY kit I purchased at the Dollar Tree. This is a great idea to have and very cheap to put together. 

First I bought a small case to store every thing in. This case is small enough to store where you need it and at the same time will fit what you need.

Here is what the case looks like:

I purchased band aides. I remove the band aides from the original box and put them in my case. Any size bands aides will fit in this case. I have purchased even the big t-shaped ones for larger wounds.

Alcohol wipes to disinfect cuts/scrapes before bandaging. The box I buy comes with a 200 count so I just put a good amount in the case and re-fill as needed.

Tweezers in case of splinters or another foreign object getting in the skin. There are many types of tweezers, my case fits the larger(regular size) tweezers. However if your case is a bit smaller you can always purchase the mini tweezers, which work just as effectively.

I also recently received in my TLC VoxBox complimentary of Influenster, Neo to Go. This also fits in the case which is a great on the go tool to carry  for disinfecting as well as helping with the pain that comes with cuts/scrapes. Now with my DIY On the Go First Aid Kit I can clean and bandage the kiddos ouchies no matter where we are or what we are doing.
 This is what the finished case looks like with all supplies in it.

Do you have an on the go first aid kit? Will you make one? 

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  1. and CVS has a $5 ExtraBucks deal this week when you buy Band-Aids - great for building a first-aid kit.... :D

  2. It’s funny, I have a very active and VERY clumsy 4-year-old but the only time I even think about carrying a first aid kit is when we go someplace like an amusement park … ya know, a place that will HAVE a first aid kit on hand. This is a great idea and one that I need to utilize. I’m constantly looking for bandages for boo boos and just last week my little one got an icky splinter. We won’t discuss the number of scrapes on her knees and elbows.

    I’m going to have to put something together. It’s an absolute must!


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