Monday, August 18, 2014

#MotivationMonday Core Workout

I can't believe its Monday already and again!!! LOL!!! We had such a blast over the weekend with the kids and activities that we did. Saturday I took the day off from working out due to our activities and Sunday I did a small ab and tricep workout again but forgot to post due to the activities we had that day! My apologies. 

 How true is this?! Instead of waiting for a new year to make a change and a difference get started on a Monday. Today is Monday so no excuses and lets do this!

Today's workout is on the Core and Inner Thigh.  You will notice that either all my workouts or the most of them are core related and thats partially because after two kiddos I have the belly pouch that needs to go, lol! Secondly having a great core leads to great posture and stability. 

-Hand to opposite Toe-20
-Shimmies with a Glute Bride-20
-Glute Bridges(single leg)-20
Here is the video to demonstrate these with the amazing Natalie Jill. 

I will also be doing my inner thighs.
-Pulse Lifts-20 each leg
-single leg lifts-20
-knees to chest-20
You do this all while in a side plank position.
Here is the video to demonstrate with the amazing Natalie Jill.

4 Rounds with as little rest as possible. 

Did you do the exercises? Did you get all the reps and rounds in? How are you feeling?

♥Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions♥ 
♥I enjoy hearing feedback from my fellow bloggers & readers!♥


  1. It's raining here today but I am going to try to get some kind of exercise in today. It's just so difficult to get motivated though....

  2. why do I think of the song "Manic Monday" by The Bangles when I see this post? :D


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