Friday, December 5, 2014

#Review Otterbox Cases

Otterbox offers many cases for cell phones and tablets. They have a case for every person and personality. This review is for the Defender Series and the Symmetry Series. Otterbox is designed for people that are active and rough on their phones as well as those that can be clumsy with their phones. I'm very active and my phone is everything to me. I use it while exercising and running. Therefore, I run chances of dropping it. I use to worry about this a lot, however, since receiving these cases I don't worry no more. They also offer waterproof cases for the water lovers. Otterbox was established in 1988 and sky rocketed with success from there. We all love our electronics and in this year and time they can be very expensive to replace if damaged. It is super important to protect them. 

I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S5. It's an amazing phone and very expensive. Since I workout and am super active I knew that finding a great case was important. I have tried many cases before and none of them live up to how the Otterbox cases protect. Don't waste your money trying multiple cases and just get the Otterbox. The Defender Series is the first case I got for review. This series is a robust three layer protection that withstands drops, bumps, and shock of being dropped. It has a built in screen protector that prevents scratches. It has a port that keep out dust and debris. It does make the phone a bit bulky, however, since my phone was so slim to begin and I would drop it while trying to type or have to hold it funny so it wouldn't slip out of my hand, I love the bulky-ness. Its now easier to hold my phone while typing, ect. Since receiving this case, I have dropped it and I don't even worry or fret over it cause I know its protected. It is still in brand new shape as if I just received it today. 

The second case I received for review was the Symmetry Series. This case is sleek, stylish, and pocket friendly. Raised bevel edges keep your touchscreen safe. Dual material absorbs shock and withstands bumps and drops. This offers the protection you need and the style you want! I gave this case to my mom who also recently just got the Samsung Galaxy S5. This case doesn't come with a screen protector like the Defender Series but the case has raised beveled edges that when dropped and landing on the screen, the screen is not effected or touched. Otterbox also sells wonderful screen protectors that you can place on your phone. We placed one of these on my moms phone to protect the screen from scratches. She has since dropped her phone as well and due to having this wonderful case on it, her phone still is brand new condition.

The Symmetry Case front
 The Symmetry Case Back
Thre Screen Protector we put on the phone with the Symmetry Case

I really wish that I would have heard about Otterbox and the amazing cases a long time ago cause then I would not have wasted tons of money trying out cases that were garbage and did not work. Seriously, go straight for the Otterbox. Save your phone and your wallet! I love this product and it gets 5/5 and more then that from me!!!! 

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