Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: The Dream Slayer Tour



The Dream Slayer
Book Blurb:
Dream Slayer is a YA Urban fantasy novel that will be released June 29th, 2012.

When your dreams come true, sometimes you get more than you bargained for...
Natalie Johnson has always dreamed she’s someone else; calm, beautiful, in control. A chosen warrior with a maniacal arch nemesis and a dreamy boyfriend, the type that can make your knees quiver and your heart melt.
Real life is much different. She’s tormented by a bully and endures the sharp tongue of her father, but finds solace in her dreams.
When her bully ends up dead, de ja vu from a dream hits her hard as everything around her begins to fall apart.
Whatever killed Sarah in her dreams is now in reality, hunting her from the shadows. And it wants her dead.
Somehow as the lines between reality and nightmare blur, Natalie must discover hidden strength to pull her friends and family back from the brink of madness.

About Jill Cooper:

Jill Cooper loves tea more than coffee and is obsessed over finding that perfect recipe. She lives in Danvers, MA with two cats, a toddler, a husband, and a 1964 yellow taxi. Her life is chaotic, but fun. She is currently working on a new Sci-fi thriller and the sequel to the Dream Slayer. She can be contacted at

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And Now on to the Review...

A paranormal story where Natalie (the main character) has a split reality she is a bullied insecure girl and in her dreams she is a slayer. The book follows Natalie's struggles and battles in both the dream world and reality. Then one dream changes it all and brings the dream world into reality and puts the reality Natalie in a predicament where she must become as strong and confident as her other slayer personality. Natalie's character gets put to the test when Morach, a demon from her dream world, steps into reality and starts trying to harm Natalie and the ones she cares for. While battling the demons Natalie also has to choose who she really loves..Tristan(her real world best friend) or Damien(her half demon, half human warrior in her dream world).

 This had a great story line and I loved seeing Natalie's reality character really grow and become confident and as strong as her slayer personality in the dream world. Who she chooses to love in the end was a nice choice and I felt that it suited her very well.
The only issue that i had with the book was when Natalie goes from dream to reality. Sometimes it got jumbled around and it was hard to tell if she was  dreaming or if she was in reality. Other then that it was a good book and I look forward to reading the second one when it comes out.

I give this book 4 stars!




  1. So she has a split personality that only exists in her dreams? I am assuming that her dreams are somehow morphed into an actual "world" that parallels the real one, and that's how the demon got out?

    I should just read the book, huh? lol

    Thanks for a hell of a cliff hanger review, Val! *mumbles* Now I am off to Amazon. ;)P

  2. LOL, Your welome Mel and Thank You for the comment and stopping by....btw you are pretty correct!


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