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Review~ Embracing the Wolf

Embracing the Wolf by Stephanie Nelson

For the first time, Anna Avery was looking forward to the future. She’s mated to her soul mate. The pack has become her new family, and she has friends she can confide in. She had every reason to look ahead, until a vision put her future happiness in jeopardy. Someone is set on destroying her mate, Adam, and only Anna can prevent this possible future. While trying to unravel the hazy web of her premonition, she finds out the annual pack conference will take place on her mountain. And Adam’s parents will be attending. As only a “made” wolf, Anna will have to face their prejudice and possibly make the hardest decision she has ever had to make. Because saving Adam’s life might just mean walking away from him for forever.
About Stephanie Stephanie resides in the Midwest with her husband and furry children. When she's not cooking up Gwen and Anna's next adventures, she enjoys reading, traveling and watching movies.

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My Review:

After reading the first book in this series, Taming the Wolf, I was pumped to read the second. I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to read this book. I read this book in 2 days...I just couldn't put it down.

This book starts right where it ended with Adam and Anna and their relationship. Anna is gonna become the Alpha but when Adams parents show up they are determined to separate them.

I seriously love Adam and Anna together, they are such a wonderful couple together. I was really disappointed when Anthony, Adam's twin brother, showed up and confessed feelings for Anna. I didn't want Anthony to get involved and ruin that relationship especially with his rep he had from the first book. However I must say as Anthony started to show his good side I was actually getting feelings for Anthony and wondering what it may be like with Anna and him together. Please don't get me wrong I'm still team Adam all the way but cant help for starting to fall for Anthony.

I love how this book introduced vampires into it and the twist with someone in the pack hiring them to kill Anna. I'm a huge sucker for werewolves and vampires and this was a nice twist in the story and plot. I immediately guessed that Adam's parents had hired the vampires to kill Anna but boy was I wrong on that guess. It was a total shocker to find out exactly who was behind it. My mouth dropped and I was literally stunned, someone you would least expect.

There is now a strain on Anna and Adam's relationship when Anna finally embraces her wolf and becomes the white wolf. Something that is only legend in their pack and they have never witnessed it. The new powers and physical changes she takes on is quiet a shocker but also I loved it. She was always alpha status but let her insecurities take over, but, becoming the white wolf those insecurities are gone!!

This book ends on a huge cliffhanger with her going off to New Mexico to visit a clan that knows more about this white wolf and its powers. However I don't like how it ended with her having some feeling for Anthony. Plus she leaves with Adam and hers relationship still not 100% fixed.

I cant wait to read the 3rd book of this series to see what she learns about her new powers as the White Wolf. I cant wait to see what happens with Anna and Adam's relationship and hopefully it goes back to the way it was between them. But i would be lying if I wasn't curious to see what may happen between Anna and Anthony. Just so much that I'm still questioning and very eager to find out.

This book definitely gets 5 stars from me and this series I HIGHLY recommend everyone to read!!!!!

I will be going through withdrawals until the 3rd installment of this series is released!

5 *****

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