Friday, August 15, 2014

#FitnessFriday Abs and Triceps

 Welcome to my first fitness routine post!! Lately Ive been getting ideas for my workout from Emily Skye and Chalene Johnson. Recently though I have stumbled upon Natalie Jill and Im really loving her workouts. I love how she thinks outside of the box and posts lots of videos where you can workout at home with no equipment and still get amazing results. I'm a mom of 2 young children and going to the gym is just not in my budget and with two kids I cant focus at a gym even if they provide childcare. I love that the kids can go play in their rooms while I workout or they can join in. I can also go outside and workout while they are riding bikes or playing in the yard. 

Here is my workout for this wonderful Friday! This is a shorter workout, I work out 6 days a week and most of my workouts are 8-10 rounds. However lately my body has been retaliating against it and I have been sore. So I'm going to slow it down a bit on the rounds until my body recovers. Today will just be 3 rounds of everything.

-Plank Cross Overs
-Plank Leg Over And Around
-Cross Overs with a Twist
10 reps x 3 rounds

Here is a demonstration of these exercises:

-Tricep Lean Back
-Tricep Sit Throughs
-Crab Crawls
-Tricep Push Ups
-Tricep Shimmies
10 reps x 3 rounds

Here is a demonstration of these exercises:

Enjoy and let me know if you did the workout today!

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